Delivery of Things World USA 2016 – a success!

Delivery of Things World USA 2016 proved that DevOps is not a hype anymore but here to stay. Over 150 senior experts gathered in an international environment in October 13-14 in San Diego to define the future of Software Development. With keynotes and distinguished personalities in the field like Nolan Bushnell (American engineer and entrepreneur, Founder of Atari) talking about the importance of innovation and team spirit and Andrew Glover (Engineering Manager, Delivery Engineering from Netflix) sharing his views on how new technologies and strategies are merging business and IT solutions in the next few years, made this event a highlight in the DevOps event calendar.


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Who was there?

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Business Partners

The event would not have been made possible without the generous support of our Business Partners.

The crucial role of change management for DevOps

Case studies on how DevOps and Continuous Delivery are being implemented within companies, what the impact is on systems and IT infrastructure, but also the role and future of humans and our interaction with technology were center stage in all discussions and presentations during the two days in San Diego. Senior strategists, DevOps gurus, IT specialists and whole teams discussed and debated how DevOps can be implemented in a business for a more efficient and effective software delivery and development cycle.
Join us again in October 2017 in San Diego and don’t miss out on the chance to define and shape the future of DevOps!


Post-Event Report


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2016 Agenda

What our clients say

  • "There was the perfect array of companies in various stages
    of implementing their DevOps culture!
    John Clark, Grubhub


    "Good introductory exposure of DevOps for companies that are exploring DevOps methodologies."
    Jim Hong, Adobe

  • "Seeing diverse group of industries trying to solve the
    problem was encouraging and refreshing!
    KinshukMishra, Spotify

  • "A good concentration of experts with both depth
    and breadth of the topics.
    Eric Chinchilla, Johnson & Johnson

  • "Good to see that some companies have already finished their journey to DevOps –I want to make use of them to start our journey!"
    Helmut Hirsch, BMW Group

  • "It was a well-organized event featuring a
    great selection of industry thought-leaders
    Travis Hoffacker, RedgateSoftware

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